Heather Leslie Tabor. Master Stylist / Owner.


As a salon owner Pomme is truly my baby. I am like a first time mom! I want the best of the best for every corner of my space. I want a relaxing, feel good atmosphere where everybody can come to enjoy a moment of their life in complete peace. My motto is just plain empowerment. It is the perfect platform for empowering stylists to be creative, live outside the box and have fun. I am also extra supportive of the #supportyourlocalgirlgang movement. Women building each other up in their career. There is plenty of success to go around and I want EVERYBODY to have a piece. As a stylist Im all about everything fiery and free. I love red heads and platinum blondes. Extremes are always fun. My twist is natural meets extreme. Making extreme’s look as if they could have occurred in nature is my jam. I also like to call myself a grow out expert. I have helped many women grow out a tired look and I have helped transform the lives of women who were struggling with hair loss. I believe in making the beauty you already have within shine on out! 

Brittany Woodcox. Senior Stylist.

Brittany brings over 13 years of experience to our salon. She has lived an absolutely epic life so she brings all the fun stories into our space, and brightens our day with her fun. She specializes in Balayage, Curly Hair, Blondes, Grey Coverage, and Dry Haircuts. Brittany works evenings as well to accommodate anybody who may have to commute to work or prefers to come in for appointments later in the day. Seeing Brittany is a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Sarah Slovak. Senior Stylist.

Sarah is as bright as the blondes she LOVES to create. She specializes in Platinum Card, and Babylight Blonding. She loves radiance in all its forms and is happy to brighten her clients lives through their look, and their connection. Her specialized approach includes a lot of really small fine highlights which can take some extra time and energy but the grow out is AMAZING.

Alexis McDougall. Junior Stylist.

Alexis is the baby of the salon but she packs a serious punch. This over achiever went straight into an extensive apprenticeship right after school. She has been learning from us for over a year and has received intense training in the art and science of Haircolor, Blonding, specialty techniques such as Balayage & Babylight, and Dry Haircuts as well as Curly Haircuts. While she still learns with her Senior Stylists every single day she is now working behind the chair and is very capable of making your wildest hair dreams come true.

Aimee Fisher. Esthetician.

Aimee is beautiful spirit with a kind, loving soul. She radiates energy into everything she does. Imagine a Skincare Specialist who softly whispers blessings over you as she works on your skin. Her services are infused with warmth and Self Love. She Specializes in Crystal Healing Facials, Facial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure, and results based services such as Advanced Exfoliation. She always includes an in depth consultation and skin assessment and she takes great care in offering the services your unique skin needs. She also offers Full Body Waxing and Lash Services.