Transparent, custom, low maintenance.

Specialty hair color by the artists at Pomme Salon…

Blondes require a little finesse. You need the lift without the damage. This will take patience, high quality products and the ultimate in technique. Regardless whether you prefer ash blonde or golden hues we can get you there and you can be sure we will share our expertise in maintaining healthy hair.



To produce the perfect Red Head you must have a blend of strong technique, extensive knowledge of color cause and effect and an adventurous streak. You can go the natural red head route and leave people wondering if its your real color. We will never tell. Or you can go for a fashion forward hue that leaves your fans awestruck. Either way we got your back.




There is nothing like a shiny, rich Brunette. There is a coloring technique that allows us to maintain depth and dimension. It’s much more eye capturing than a flat, matte, brown. Capturing the essence of that slight change in tonal value is the stuff of our dreams. xoxo Brunette Beauties…


To sum it all up we are a color specialty salon. Regardless of the color challenge we will nail it.

You absolutely can’t pair a sub par cut with such perfect hair color. We are well versed and practiced in all the latest cutting techniques and styles too.