We love our kiddos and they are more than welcome at Pomme Salon. A few tips on making the little ones as comfortable as possible…

  1. Please refer to their upcoming appointment as a trim instead of a cut. Very young children sometimes associate the word cut with something painful. This can instinctively cause discomfort and set your child up for a less than stellar experience.
  2. Consider your child’s ability to sit still. It is totally normal for young children to feel as though they MUST move around. If they are feeling too energetic it may put them in a situation where they could be hurt. If they are especially wiggly consider a child specialty salon instead.
  3. Children under 10 should not be brought along when mom is getting her hair done and older children need to be able to sit in the waiting area unattended.
  4. If you are having Lash Extensions applied you will not be permitted to bring children to your appointment for any reason. This is because our Stylist has tools very close to your eyes and we can’t take the risk of your child running up to you and bumping your chair etc.

Enjoy these photos of Pomme Salons mini clients…